Anna Kenneally

My paintings often reinvent existing paintings, mirroring classical compositions with a contemporary portrayal of the figure. My intention is to form a hybrid between the historical and the contemporary, showing the evolution of an idea. The paintings strike a balance between abstraction and realism, as the initial photographic reference is transformed by the application of paint. Collage is used to form composition and create dialogue between disparate sources. I construct utopian worlds, flaunting excess and opulence through figurative painting. Born from handmade collage, my paintings present the staged nature of fashion iconography, highlighting the absurdity of their original production.

Often reminiscent of existing paintings, ‘Once upon a time in Palermo (set 1 & 2)’ reminds us of Pre-Raphaelite work, April Love by Arthur Hughes. The figures depicted are divided by status. On one side we are met with detail showing flowers and fruit, reminiscent of Dutch still life paintings. Through this, the paintings themselves become objects of value. This is contrasted with brutal applications of grey tones. Jagged foliage frames and emphasises a division.