Anna-Lena Cäcilia Ledl


Anna-Lena is a figurative sculptor who lives and works in Florence, Italy.

Anna-Lena Cäcilia Ledl (b. 1997,) grew close to Hallein, an Austrian city in the foothills of the Alps with a long tradition of wood-carving sculpture. There, Anna-Lena began training in sculpture at just 14 years old. 
In 2016, Anna-Lena moved to Italy to begin a three-year academic training in figurative sculpture at the Florence Academy of Art. Already in her second year, Anna-Lena was awarded both the ‘Best Sculpture of the Year’ and ‘Best Drawing of the Year’ prizes. Upon her graduation in June, she will take the position as a principal Instructor, as most certainly the youngest teacher in the history of the Florence Academy of Art. Her work has been internationally recognized by organizations including the Art Renewal Centre (ARC) and The International Arts and Culture Group (TIAC). Her work can be found in private collections in Europe, North America, and South Africa.

"I look at nature for inspiration and use my formal academic training to provoke viewers into experiencing universal emotions from new perspectives. By sculpting in clay, I can unite working from life and imagination with all of their infinite possibility."