Annie Norbeck

Annie Norbeck grew up across the US, from the Midwest to both coasts and back to the Midwest. Years of car travel across states left a permanent imprint of the varied landscape — and the marks of humans across the land — from the thin trace of power lines across the sky to massive roadworks, earthworks, and ruins of fading industry. These experiences, plus a love of materials, led her to her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Maryland Institute College of Art, where she worked across media to evoke those early feelings. After graduation, her work was part of the ongoing exhibition in a local Baltimore gallery.

Her work today embraces those impressions of rural America. Depending on the event, area, or emotion being conveyed, the work veers from representation to abstraction. She continues to use varied media in recent paintings that explore the price and value of the natural environment, and what, ultimately, is left behind.

Annie lives and works in Montclair, NJ, and her work is held in multiple private collections across the US, Canada, and Australia.


My most recent work is informed by the horizon, rural and wild spaces, human infrastructure interwoven into the landscape, feelings evoked by the human impact on the environment, and a deep and constant need to connect with nature. Environmental policy changes have left me questioning the price and value of the natural environment, and what, ultimately, we leave behind. What results is often work that straddles the line between pessimism and optimism.

As a painter, I am obsessed with process, the emotions suggested by memory and material interactions, and things left to chance.