April Zanne Johnson

April Zanne Johnson is a graduate of Parsons School of Design/The New School for Social Research (1993) and received her M.F.A. at Montclair State University (2013). She resides in New Jersey in a rural northwest community where she keeps a studio. April is a synesthetic artist who incorporates perceptions from additional sensory experiences and weaves them into her practice. Permanent collections can be seen in the Williamsburg Art Historical Center in Brooklyn, NYC and EVS in Fairfield, NJ . She has work held by several private collectors in Mexico City, New York City, New Mexico, Los Angeles, London and Australia. Recent honors include; Best of 2013, Saatchi Art, London U.K., curated by Rebecca Wilson, spotlighted in the series: One to Watch. April was awarded Herhusid Artist Residency in Iceland. She was the Dedalus Foundation Fellowship Nominee as well as the Nominee for Executive Women of New Jersey Graduate Merit Scholarship Award chosen by the Montclair State University graduate faculty (2012,2013). Inka Essenhigh selected April for the Atlantic Center for the Arts Artist Residency in 2015. In 2016, April was included as an IASAS Founding Member. Her work has been featured in numerous publications internationally.

“The paintings are developed through the process of amalgamating my own neurologically produced synesthetic forms, saturated chromatic plains and cipher threads, to create these dreamscape worlds of questionable existence” April Zanne Johnson paints portals into the possibilities that lie beyond our present technology. She is a visual artist who perceives color fields and patterns with sound. This juxtaposition creates the base for meticulously selected form development and colors. Her work melds neurological and landscape imagery. Although her visual parallels are based in science, these painted forms do not exist in the physical world. Rather, they enjoy being suspended in a synesthetic world of infinite possibility. These frameless paintings are set away from the wall and engage with the viewer. Zanne Johnson creates paintings that reach beyond contemporary painting and into the future to provoke distinctive questions and answers among each member of the audience. The body of work revolves around creating multiple parallel planes existing within our own world, weaving themes ranging from technological comparisons to the biological world to battles in the microscopic landscape.