Argyle Plaids

Analog collage artist Argyle Plaids (James Short) is a print-based, graphic design professional from Seattle, Washington who fell in love with the process, restrictions, aesthetic, and endlessly appealing possibilities that handmade collage art offered. To create visual imagery solely for fun – far away from the ever increasing and life-consuming glare of the computer screen.

He takes great joy in the hunt for beautifully aged, antique or recycled papers; interesting material to manually cut from old books and magazines and bringing them all together to see who plays well with whom. “I am the hugest fan of paper. I love and respect its history... all the life and death entwined into it.”

Plaids’ style is irregular and erratic, constantly fluctuating between outlandish surreality to pure, random abstraction. Through his elegant juxtapositions, he appropriates the content and contexts of the materials at hand to convey his own witty and/or poignant meanings. (Or not.)