Art New York 2018: Interview With Archeus/ Post-Modern


Director Brian Balfour–Oatts

(Donald Judd, Untitled)

(Donald Judd, Untitled)


Tell us a little bit about your gallery. What types of art do you generally focus on?

We deal in works from the so-called "secondary market", which means pieces which are already in the marketplace, and not being sold on behalf of the artist. The artists in whose work we deal are all very established, in museum collections, and are generally held to be amongst the best and most well-known of their generation

What should visitors expect from your booth in Art New York this year?

Predominantly important abstract work. We have some very fine examples of paintings by Pierre Soulages, Josef Albers and Ron Gorchov, and rare editions by Donald Judd and Bridget Riley. The majority of artists that we hold are abstract, both gestural and hard-edged - although we are also very involved with the figurative work of Hockney, Freud, Warhol and Ed Ruscha.

Please share a few tips for new collectors and those interested in investing in art for the first time.

If an artist isn't already in the collection of MoMA or the Tate, then don't even think about the investment angle. Check recent acquisitions by both of those institutions, as well as other international museums (usually available online) and see what they have bought in the last year.

If you consider your purchase of art to be an investment, then it's fine to buy with your ears. Unless you have been looking at paintings every day for ten years, ask and listen.

What are your favorite aspects of participating in art fairs?

The non-stop nature of the four or five days of an art fair is very exciting. Every minute a different conversation begins, and you speak to hundreds of people in a very short space of time.  One way or another, the majority of my most important and favorite clients have met me through art fairs.

Name a few important works we should keep an eye on when visiting. 

We have a super-rare set of ten black woodcuts by Donald Judd, the only set ever to have appeared on the market, other examples of which are owned by MoMA and SFMoMA. 

We also have a beautiful Albers painting which belongs to the same group that was the subject of the Guggenheim's recent "Albers in Mexico" exhibition. 

Genuinely museum quality works are a joy to own, even if it is temporary. 

(Above image: Josef Albers, Contented Green)