Aubrie Costello 

Aubrie Costello is a fiber artist from Philadelphia working to blur the lines between fine and street art. Known for her ephemeral site-specific silk installations, Costello’s work explores the tension between what’s kept private versus what’s shared publicly. Her process utilizes the expressive nature of silk to personify her growing collection of found phrases, verses, mantras, and quotations gathered from the world around her. These words are intuitively written in yards of hand-shredded dupioni silk and sewn into large-scale silk flags. Costello has exhibited her work extensively in Philadelphia and abroad, most notably at International House University of Pennsylvania, Chemical Heritage Foundation, Moore College of Art & Design, Main Line Arts Center, Bucks County Community College Hicks Art Center Gallery, The James Oliver Gallery, Projects Gallery, in politically and socially charged exhibitions Truth To Power, Into Action, and WE RISE, and was a co-organizer of the 2017 citywide public art project, Signs Of Solidarity.