Beth Solin


OUT ME IN ME OUT ©, my new Five-Part Installation Series in progress, is an extensive group of solid clear Lucite sculptures that will consist of sixteen life-size figures, all of them animals, eight of them human, eight of them not. When finished, floating in each of their bodies will be sub-sculptures: metaphors for the vascular system, unconscious thought, and all that bridges our inner and outer worlds. In this installation, I will be addressing specific concerns about where humans as a species are headed, with respect to the increasingly isolated and insulated position, of the individual within “the pack.”  

As this series unfolds, each of the five parts will conceptually build upon the next in an effort to express my personal experience in "the pack". This will be done through re-contextualizing a persistent sensation that has been with me my entire life; a profound outsiderness I felt during my youth, which morphed into feeling like a voyeur, and finally a stranger onto myself, the ultimate voyeur on the outside of my own body looking in. What struck me with great force and caused the sizable shift in my work was the realization that humans, as an animal group, seemed to be headed down a similar path. While I ultimately have faith in our desire and ability to connect, in the age of rapid fire imagery, cyber communication, and an obsession with “the self,” I am left with an unrelenting thought: No longer are we an interdependent roaming herd searching for the greater whole. Instead, we have become millions of lone wolves disoriented and roaming, forced by lack of space to stand close, with no greater whole in sight.

Clearly, these sentiments have evolved over a lifetime. The concept of time greatly factors into formulating this series by considering the way in which the human brain and body sense, process, and remember things. No one idea or feeling ever exists in its own time frame. Whether one believes time is linear or something convoluted, it doesn't detract from the fact that humans have an inner life that is lived in the past, present, and future, simultaneously. Further, the sequences by which memories or thoughts of the future flow, are directly influenced by the experiences that have been the most impactful, and those which are anticipated to be impactful in the future. 

Time and memory also factor into the idea of transparency regarding Lucite. No one figure will be seen, without seeing the viewers and the other Lucite figures through it, or reflected in it. Everything in the installation space will become one site-specific entity. More interestingly, the installation will also become time-specific in that all of the movement in the space will be reflected or trapped within the figures as well. This is not so different from the parameters of memory recall. Memories are always experienced within the reflections of memories that preceded or proceeded them. Two people, (or individual human bodies), form different memories from the same event. One could even say that memories are body-specific, a compressed and live form of site-specificity.

01_Solin_Out_Me_In_Me_Out_Part_One_Mock_Up.JPG_ (4).JPG
02_Solin_Out_Me_In_Me_Out_Part_One_Normal_Human_Female_Detail.JPG_ (1).JPG
04_Solin_Out_Me_In_Me_Out_Part_One_Normal_Human_Female_Detail (1).jpg
06_Solin_Out_Me_In_Me_Out_Part_One_Cow-Mi (2).JPG
07_Solin_Out_Me_In_Me_Out_Part_One_Fragmented_Huma (2).JPG
08_Solin_Out_Me_In_Me_Out_Part_One_Fragmented_Human (1).JPG
13_Solin_Out_Me_In_Me (1).JPG