Brandi Marie Little

Brandi Marie Little is a visual artist living and working in historic Savannah, Georgia. Primarily a painter, she also works with fiber, collage, and sculpture. When she is not making art, she spends her time restoring her over one-hundred-year-old Victorian house with her husband, two pet rabbits, and one special needs chihuahua named Frida. 

"My current work springs from an obsession with the mysteries of found photographs and my fear of loss. The nature of old photographs (lack of color, frequent absence of details, wear, tear, and stains) leads to limitations in what we can perceive, and therefore, what can be represented when translated into large scale oil paintings. And yet, these are real people, at once important enough to be immortalized on film, and later abandoned, found in a box of forgotten memories in a junk shop. Collecting old photos and ephemera from antique shops and estate sales is an important part of my process. Why have these been left behind? Is someone missing them? As Louise Bourgeois said, nostalgia is a form of mourning. But what are we mourning? The loss of youthful beauty? The loss of those who held us dear? The loss of identity? What defines us and what is left when these things are absent?"