Brides of Summer, Solo Exhibition by Kelsey Beckett

Spoke SF is pleased to present Brides of Summer, a solo exhibition by Detroit- based painter and illustrator Kelsey Beckett. The new body of work explores the verdant lushness of summer and youth with the impending change of seasons.

Featuring a range of new oil paintings and graphite drawings, Brides of Summer depicts the complimentary and dynamic relationship between nature and femininity. Adorned and surrounded by sumptuous flora, each of Beckett’s masterfully rendered subjects evokes a feeling of a sultry summer haze. Vibrantly colored flowers and ripe fruit are interwoven with dark undertones, mirroring the romantic and ethereal characters’ mysterious narratives.

Kelsey Beckett’s incorporation of Slavic traditional dress and contemporary fashion further deepen the artist’s mysterious fairytale world. “A lurking sense of finality haunts each character, and an inevitable loss of innocence closes in, just as winter lays in wait for Summer.”

Brides of Summer, opening Saturday, November 4th, with an opening night reception from 6pm - 9pm where the artist will be present. The exhibition will be on view through Saturday, November 18th. For more information or additional images, please email us at