Bryan Schnelle

I'm interested in religion, consumerism, advertising, and the place where those things intersect. In recent years, I've been using various collage techniques to explore the overbearing power and influence of money in a shallow, greed-soaked culture and the appropriation of commodity-driven evaluations of success as an organized religion of sorts. Most of my work utilizes advertisements as a "paint", further tethering the work to the very luxury goods market in which it inevitably exists.

With this series, I turned my focus to religion itself, using my 50/50 collage method (integrating 50% of one image with 50% of a second image through the use of a simple geometric pattern) and a healthy dose of humor to splice together some of my favorite Gustave Dore bible illustrations with novelty psychedelic posters (or "stoner dorm room decor", if you like) to explore some of the core beliefs of Christianity, a religion I was brought up to accept as truth. I'm a firm believer in letting my work speak for itself, so I try to avoid assigning a single specific meaning or "correct" interpretation of any given work; I prefer to let the viewer take what he or she sees away from it free of any suggestion on my part. That being said, I do enjoy the resultant optical vibration or visual hum of these works, which could of course be interpreted as an attempt at trance-inducing indoctrination or subliminal propaganda.