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Issue 17 Contents and Pre-Order Discount


We are pleased to announce the contents for our Fall 2019 edition, Issue 17!

Copies will be available online and at McNally Jackson, NYC, Skylight Books, Los Angeles, Charlotte St. News, London, Magma Books London (3 locations), Athenaeum Booksellers in Amsterdam, Papercut in Stockholm, Smoke Signals in San Francisco and more TBA. (

Pre-order your copy to get 20% off your order.

Create! Magazine Community Playlist

The Create! team wants to know what you’re listening to!

our director Of business operations, Alicia, had the great idea of putting together a collaborative playlist and including some of your favorite songs to listen to in the studio this summer! Enjoy the below playlist created based on your comments and suggestions.

Comment below or send an email to to send us more songs to add to the playlist.

Listen on Spotify

Create! Magazine Issue 15 Pre-Sale

We are pleased to announce that Create! Magazine Issue 15 is now available for pre-sale. Discount price valid until 6/15/2019

200 pages of interviews and features with established, mid-career and emerging contemporary artists for you to discover and be inspired by.

(Ships after June 25th, 2019)

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Lisa Congdon


Daria Aksenova

Jiaranai Apaipak

Fern Apfel

Clementine Bal

Beth Beverly

Kirkland Bray

Anne Buckwalter

Anna-Lena Cäcilia

Genevieve Cohn

Sarah Detweiler

Qiurui Du

Steven Edson

Yurim Gough

Adolfo Gutierrez

Nicole Havekost

Sophie Holt

Yihong Hsu

Cate Inglis

Lindsay Jones

Huy Lam

Crystal Latimer

Haevan Lee

Michelle Amor Lundqvist

Caitlin Mccormack

Deane Mcgahan

Sebastian Riffo Montenegro

Harriet Moutsopoulos

Erika Pajarillo

Nick Pedersen

Jessie Pitt

Clint Reid

Chrys Roboras

Katherine Rutter

Lorena Sferlazza

Rebecka Skog

Joey Slaughter

Brandon Smith

Emma Vidal

Emily White

Wenyan Xu


Austin Kleon

Lisa Congdon

Hyland Mather

Rossitza Todorova

Sofie Ramos

Costa Rica en la pared

Matthew Shlian

+ more TBA

Issue 15 Selected Artists Announced
Joey Slaughter

Joey Slaughter

Congratulations to the artists selected for our 15th print edition launching in June 2019!

Guest Curators: Jason Chen and Sara McCorriston, Paradigm Gallery

Paradigm Gallery + Studio® exhibits contemporary artwork from around the world with a focus on Philadelphia-based artists. Established February 2010, the gallery began as a project between co-founders and curators, Jason Chen and Sara McCorriston, as a space in which to create artwork, to exhibit the work of their peers, and to invite the members of the community to create and collect in a welcoming gallery setting. To this day the gallery still aims to welcome all collectors, from first time to lifelong, and continues to support accessible work that welcomes a wide audience.

Crystal Latimer

Crystal Latimer

Selected Artists

Daria Aksenova

Jiaranai Apaipak

Fern Apfel

Clementine Bal

Beth Beverly

Kirkland Bray

Anne Buckwalter

Anna-lena Cäcilia

Genevieve Cohn

Sarah Detweiler

Qiurui Du

Steven Edson

Yurim Gough

Adolfo Gutierrez

Nicole Havekost

Sophie Holt

Yihong Hsu

Cate Inglis

Lindsay Jones

Huy Lam

Crystal Latimer

Haevan Lee

Michelle Amor Lundqvist

Caitlin Mccormack

Deane Mcgahan

Sebastian Riffo Montenegro

Harriet Moutsopoulos

Erika Pajarillo

Nick Pedersen

Jessie Pitt

Clint Reid

Chrys Roboras

Katherine Rutter

Lorena Sferlazza

Rebecka Skog

Joey Slaughter

Brandon Smith

Emma Vidal

Emily White

Wenyan Xu

Why I Started Create! Magazine
Photo by Emily Grace Photography

Photo by Emily Grace Photography

I started my first magazine from a tiny studio apartment six years ago out of a desperate need for a creative community. I had no idea what I was doing at the time, and since I didn’t have the funding to start a physical gallery space, this was the next best thing I could come up with, and I am so thankful that I did. This desire to connect with other artists and empower them on their journey has been a constant over the years, and continues to inspire me to grow Create! as well as venture into exciting new projects that will support the growth of the emerging artist community. While I was developing my painting practice, there was a missing component of human connection and support on this unpredictable journey.

Back then, I had no money, no design experience, and all I had was a random idea that I decided to execute after working numerous minimum wage jobs. It took lots of Google searches, studying every publication I could get my hands on in Barnes and Noble on my lunch break, and teaching myself how to build websites, design magazines, and do basic business. I was discovering how to find artists and took lots of trips to galleries and museums to promote my humble publication. There was a period of time where I even walked into galleries in person to introduce myself and handed out free copies of the magazine. As you can imagine, some were super supportive and kind, while some were suspicious or disinterested.

It took many years to build a strong community. Over time I became more and more brave and started partnering with galleries and organizations that were so out of my league, it wasn’t even funny. This forced me to level up, increase the quality of the publication and stick to my commitments. Years and years later, the magazine became my actual job. I am now proud to work with a small team of four incredible women. We work together virtually, so we don’t get to see each other very often in person, but I know each one of us is driven by the love of art and the desire to support fellow creatives, especially those new on their journey.

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned from starting a creative business so far is that we are so much more powerful than we think. Taking responsibility for our own luck will speed up our success rate faster than waiting on some “expert” to come validate us. From my experiences, being bold and starting something will bring support faster than by wishing for it. We are definitely not meant to do this alone and there will be people on this journey that will help push your career forward, but remember that they also human and had to start somewhere just like you at one point in their life.

I used to approach influential figures in the arts with the notion that they surely must have something I don’t. I used to give myself excuses such as “I don't have rich parents, “I didn’t go to a fancy private art school,” “I don’t know how to do business” or even “I am not attractive or cool enough.” But when I took a chance on myself and got started, things began to shift, and the right people showed up with support.

The entrepreneurial path is not easy, but at the same time it’s open to anyone willing to find missing information, to fail over and over again, to have days where they have no idea what theу are doing and to try again and again until something sticks.

Building a business may not be for everyone, but I encourage you to contribute to a cause that you often think about. Maybe you found a way to do things better in the art world and want to make improvements by launching a better version of what already exists. There is more than enough room for new contributions, and I am excited to see what you create.

More than anything I want you to know that this magazine is for you. I may not get to work directly with each artist, but please know that you are always at the forefront of my mind with every new launch, article, or podcast episode.

Thank you for being a vital part of our community.



P.S. If you enjoy this content check out my podcast Art & Cocktails or subscribe to our glossy, colorful publication.

If you are an artist looking to get your work published, we always welcome submissions to our free blog and open calls.

PxP Contemporary: Sell Your Work Through a New Gallery and Online Platform

Listen to the new podcast Q&A with Kat and Alicia answering common questions about the new project. We talk about why we started the gallery, what we are looking for, how to submit work, best practices and more!

Sell Your Work Through a New Gallery and Online Platform

PxP Contemporary is pleased to announce an open call for emerging artists looking to sell work via a new online gallery and curatorial platform, launching in 2019. 

Working with Create! Magazine over the years has introduced co-founders Alicia Puig and Ekaterina Popova to incredible artists and collectors alike, and we are thrilled to be connecting the two through PxP Contemporary. Our gallery will feature rotating exhibitions along with themed collections and we are planning additional curated projects as well as art fairs for the future. Initially, we will be seeking to represent a small group of approximately ten artists. These artists’ works will be promoted during the launch of our first group show and then regularly via our website, email newsletters, solo or group exhibitions, and social media channels.

Information and eligibility 

  • Artists 18+ working in any medium are welcome to submit work that is currently available for sale and is priced between $100-$2000 retail value. 

  • A fine art degree is not required to participate in our open call. 

  • Please only enter artworks that are not reserved by any other gallery or booked for exhibitions within a six month period. If work is selected by our curatorial team, artists will be contacted for additional information, images and also be asked to sign a contract. 

  • Gallery artists should prepare quality photographs of each work that will be featured on our website, including images of the sides and details, in order for potential buyers to have a complete visual representation of your piece. 

  • On any works sold via our platform, the gallery will charge a 30% commission and the artist will receive 70%. 

  • The buyer of the artwork will cover shipping costs based on a calculated formula of weight and the intended destination. 

  • Artists will then be responsible for properly packing the sold work according to our specific instructions and industry standards as well as taking it to a postal location. 

  • Artwork will be sold as is with no refunds (hence the emphasis on accurate, high-resolution images of your work) and artists will be paid promptly upon the buyer receiving the piece. 

  • All art will be insured when shipping to protect both parties. 

  • Works will be offered unframed unless it is a part of the piece or is requested by the buyer. In this case, we will coordinate the extra costs with the client. 


  • Artist Statement and Artist Biography 

  • Artist Resume

  • Up to ten (10) images of completed past artworks

  • Please submit only jpg files

  • Images should be no more than 5MB in file size

  • File Name: Images should be titled in the following manner: Last Name, First Name, a number corresponding to the image description sheet (For example: DoeJane01; DoeJane02; etc.)

  • Annotated Image List: Title of work, Dimensions, Medium, Year of Completion, Price

  • A non-refundable submission fee of $10 for up to ten images is required


We will continue to review applications on a rolling basis, but the deadline for the initial round of represented artists and the first group exhibition will be May 1, 2019.

 Thank you and we look forward to reviewing your work. Email questions to:

Website coming soon:

Annual International Women's Print Issue Selected Artists

Congratulations to the following artists selected for our first annual International Women's Print Issue!

We received an incredible response to this opportunity and it was extremely challenging for our team to choose such a limited amount of artists out of hundreds of submissions.

We are so thankful for everyone who took the time and effort to submit to our magazine. We want artists to know that we keep work permanently on file and review it for appropriate opportunities and curatorial projects.

Let's celebrate this small and brilliant selection of women in our art community! The issue release date eta is mid-March 2019.

Selected Artists

Yvette Arendt

Ciele Beau

Charlotte Brisland

Ivana Carman

Andrea Castro

Hollie Chastain

Natalie Ciccoricco

Maggie Evans

Camila Fernández

Erin Fitzpatrick

Saskia Fleishman

Katherine Fraser

Orit Fuchs

Rachel Grobstein

Lindsay Hall

Chloe Hedden

Daina Higgins

Emma Hill

Monica Ikegwu

Christina Klein

Julie Liger-belair

Eliana Marinari

Jelena Marjanovic

Tracy Murrell

Lauren Mycroft

Carrie Pearce

Loreal Prystaj

Teklė Pužauskaitė

Simona Ruscheva

Denise Sanabria

Natalia Savinova

Annie Scull

Lauren Shaw

Jamie Bates Slone

Shamona Stokes

Jenni Stringleman

Claire Sweitzer Hawkins

Jessica Tenbusch

Jennifer Terrell

Patricia-lee Wilson

Issue 13 Contents

Pre-order price: $17.99 (regular $19.99) + 4.99 shipping valid until 2/15/2019

Please allow 2-3 weeks for domestic delivery and 3-5 weeks internationally. 

180+ pages of interviews and features with established, mid-career and emerging contemporary artists for you to discover and be inspired by!

On The Cover 

Shyama Golden 





































Aubrey Levinthal

Auc Art

Daniel Seth Kraus

Ethan Patrick Sherman


James Razko

Jeremiah Johnson

Jlian Evelyn

Shyama Golden

+ more tba

Holiday Shopping Guide From Our Community

If you are looking to buy your loved ones something special this holiday, look no further. Artists from around the world are offering incredible original works and prints fit for every budget.

Support your art community and give something unique this year (or keep it for yourself).

From The Editor: Thank You

Dear Friend,

As I sit down and think about the fact that the magazine has been around for two years, I am filled with awe, gratitude, and excitement for things to come. As you can imagine, any creative project has its challenges and setbacks. I have been fortunate to meet an incredible team of writers, curators, and editors along with the incredible art community that keeps this publication going year after year.

From the left: Shelby (Designer), Ekaterina (Editor and Founder) and Alicia (Writer)

From the left: Shelby (Designer), Ekaterina (Editor and Founder) and Alicia (Writer)

Because of your support, we have celebrated our two-year anniversary and are excited for things ahead. Even in this digital age, there is something so special about exploring new art through print. Our passion lies in helping our readers and collectors discover new talent, or get to know familiar names in the art world on a more intimate level. From an artist's perspective, there is nothing more magical than seeing your own work on glossy pages of a quality magazine.

Reflecting on the past two years, we are proud to serve a diverse and global community of artists and we're so thankful to celebrate together with a few of you at Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in October. We hope to continue engaging with you in person at curated events and through our new platform, the Art & Cocktails Podcast.

So here's your homework for the rest of the year:

I want to encourage you to start that project you keep thinking about, whether it's a new ambitious body of work or creative business venture like a zine or gallery space. If it's been on your mind for a few months or years and you just haven't pulled the trigger, start researching how you can make it happen. It's hard work, time consuming, and will make you crazy at times, but I promise you it's worth it. You will build an entire tribe, discover your strengths, and potentially help change the course of the art world.

Thank you for being a part of our thriving art community.

Warm Regards,


Here are some exciting things we have been up to this year + where to find us next


Art and Cocktails is a casual conversation style podcast that features interviews with contemporary artists, curators, art professionals and so much more. Once in a while I also share tips and experiences that shaped my career as an artist. Listen on iTunes, Spotify, Libsyn and more: Art & Cocktails.

More Shops Across the World

We are working hard to make our print issues accessible to readers all over the planet. Send us an email if you have the perfect local bookshop that we should work with!

Retail Locations


Live Events 

This year we bravely (introverts here)  stepped out from behind the screen and participated in a few in person events including our 2-year party, live podcast recording with I Like Your Work Podcastand introduced the magazine at Great PHL event. E-mail us your ideas for the next meetup!

artmiami17-8935_Image courtsey of Art Miami LLC.jpg

See You in Miami!

This year we are back in Miami for Art Week! We are a proud media partner of Art Miami Fairs. Be sure to let us know if you are in town that week + win tickets to Art Miami by sending us an email. 

use code BLACKFRIDAY during checkout

Order the Art Miami 2018 Edition!

Create! Magazine Issue 12 | Art Miami 2018 Edition 


Please allow 2-3 weeks for domestic delivery and 3-5 weeks internationally. 

(Ships after on or December 9th)

Pre-sale price valid until November 30, 2018


180+ ad-free pages of interviews and features with established, mid-career and emerging contemporary artists for you to discover and be inspired by!

Issue 12 Contents

On The Cover 


Madison Parker



Waves, Waterscapes and Wanderlust 

Interview with Artist Nina Brooke 

By Alicia Puig 


Postgraduate Plans 

Interview with Emerging Artist Rosabel Rosalind Kurth-Sofer 

By Alicia Puig 


James Bullough 

The Voices of Street Artists 

By Christina Nafziger 


Edra Soto 

Creating Community Through Artistic Practice 

By Christina Nafziger 


Reimagined and Remembered 

Interview with Charlotte Keats 

By Ekaterina Popova 


Standing up for Women Artists 

Interview with Liezel Strauss, Art Girl Rising 

By Ekaterina Popova 


A Glimpse into Another’s World 

Interview with Anna Shukeylo 

By Ekaterina Popova 


Spot on 

Neo-Pointillism by Pj Linden 

By Alicia Puig 


Adam D. Miller and Devon Oder Creating a Gallery Through an Artist’s Perspective 

By Christina Nafziger 


The Beauty and Complexity of the Natural World 

Interview with Alonsa Guevara 

By Ekaterina Popova

Art Miami Fairs Highlight Exhibitors


A unique perspective from galleries exhibiting at Art Miami Fairs 2018


Artists Selected by Guest Curator, Kaly Scheller-Barrett, Associate Director of Hashimoto Contemporary


Stacey Beach

Isabel Chun

Ben Dallas

Scout Dunbar

Lesley Gold

Raul Gonzalez

Erica Green

Elizabeth Jung

Thomas Kelley III

Lydia Kinney

Huanying Koh

Forrest Lawson

Megan Magill

Amy Meissner

Aly Morgan

Hedda Neelsen

Yuria Okamura

Madison Parker

Anastasia Parmson

Diane Pribojan

Sara Allen Prigodich

Meganne Rosen

Molly Scannell

Lindsey Schulz

Max Seckel

Val Shamma

Anne Cecile Surga

Andrea Taylor

Anna Teiche

Sophie Treppendahl

Charlotte Urreiztieta 

Jimmy Viera

Ellie Ji Yang

Madeline Zappala

Angie Zielinski

Spotlight Artist


Andrew Salgado


Highlight Artists


Andre Bogart Szabo

Valentina Sarfeh

Celebrating YOU! Info about our October event at PAFA and podcast interview with Kate Young

On this episode of Art and Cocktails, Kat does a brief introduction to the Create! Magazine two-year anniversary launch party at Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts on October 4, 2018, from 6:30-9:30 pm generously sponsored by PAFA and Bluecoat Gin. This event is a celebration of our magazine and the art community that makes it possible.

Kate also interviews, Kate Young, Venue Sales Manager at PAFA about the beautiful space. 


Dear Artist,

It is my great pleasure to invite you to the Create! Magazine two-year anniversary launch party at Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (Hamilton Building) on October 4, 2018, from 6:30-9:30 pm. This event is a celebration of our magazine and the Philadelphia art community that makes it possible. I am honored to have PAFA sponsor the venue and give us the opportunity to meet important members of the art community. 

The launch will include complimentary light refreshments and beverages for our guests. 

You will get an opportunity to meet various organizations in our community, including Conrad Benner from Streets Dept., Center for Emerging Visual Art, Artist and Craftsman Store, Central Tattoo Studio, Paradigm Gallery and more. I am inviting an exclusive group of artists and art organizations that make our publication possible by submitting work, subscribing and supporting the magazine in a multitude of other ways. 

I hope to meet many of you in person, introduce you to other like-minded creatives in our community, and celebrate in the beautiful venue generously sponsored by PAFA. 

Please confirm your attendance. Because this event is free, we welcome any donations to help us cover the food and drinks for those attending. A percentage of the donations will be donated to local art organizations. . 

Looking forward to meeting you at the event and celebrating our thriving Philadelphia arts community in October!

If you are not able to make a donation, please send an e-mail to with (PAFA event in the subject) and confirm your attendance. 

Warm Regards, 


Issue 10 Selected Artists

Congratulations to the following artists selected by our guest curator Jennifer Rizzo of Spoke Art Gallery NYC!

We can't wait to get to know the work of new artists and share it with our readers! Pre-order info and other contents will be announced in a few weeks.

(On the cover: Arthur Brouthers)

Selected Artists

Daria Aksenova

Tori Angeline

Kim Anderson

Sergio Barrale

David Bellard

Elizabeth Bergeland

Dan Bina

Carly Bodnar

Joey Brock

Gabe Brown

Jason Bryant

Valerie Butters

Sarah Creasman

Ian Ferguson

Beau Frank

Rachel Gregor

Polly Jones

Laura Kaktiņa

Michael Kondel

Gabe Langholtz

Catherine Mcmillan

Gregory Moncada

Annie Norbeck

Jennifer Presant

Rajab Sayed

Elizabeth Selby

Jennifer Shada

Chrysta Starkey

Lindsey Warren

Lisa Wicka

Art New York 2018: Interview With Archeus/ Post-Modern


Director Brian Balfour–Oatts

(Donald Judd, Untitled)

(Donald Judd, Untitled)


Tell us a little bit about your gallery. What types of art do you generally focus on?

We deal in works from the so-called "secondary market", which means pieces which are already in the marketplace, and not being sold on behalf of the artist. The artists in whose work we deal are all very established, in museum collections, and are generally held to be amongst the best and most well-known of their generation

What should visitors expect from your booth in Art New York this year?

Predominantly important abstract work. We have some very fine examples of paintings by Pierre Soulages, Josef Albers and Ron Gorchov, and rare editions by Donald Judd and Bridget Riley. The majority of artists that we hold are abstract, both gestural and hard-edged - although we are also very involved with the figurative work of Hockney, Freud, Warhol and Ed Ruscha.

Please share a few tips for new collectors and those interested in investing in art for the first time.

If an artist isn't already in the collection of MoMA or the Tate, then don't even think about the investment angle. Check recent acquisitions by both of those institutions, as well as other international museums (usually available online) and see what they have bought in the last year.

If you consider your purchase of art to be an investment, then it's fine to buy with your ears. Unless you have been looking at paintings every day for ten years, ask and listen.

What are your favorite aspects of participating in art fairs?

The non-stop nature of the four or five days of an art fair is very exciting. Every minute a different conversation begins, and you speak to hundreds of people in a very short space of time.  One way or another, the majority of my most important and favorite clients have met me through art fairs.

Name a few important works we should keep an eye on when visiting. 

We have a super-rare set of ten black woodcuts by Donald Judd, the only set ever to have appeared on the market, other examples of which are owned by MoMA and SFMoMA. 

We also have a beautiful Albers painting which belongs to the same group that was the subject of the Guggenheim's recent "Albers in Mexico" exhibition. 

Genuinely museum quality works are a joy to own, even if it is temporary. 

(Above image: Josef Albers, Contented Green)

‘SUAIKA’ ART PANELS: A Creative Collaboration in (Washi) Paper & Pigment 

April 2, 2018   Tokushima, Japan

Inquiries: Craig Anczelowitz

‘SUAIKA’ ART PANELS: A Creative Collaboration in (Washi) Paper & Pigment 

SUAIKA (‘SU’ = Sumi  / ‘AI’ = Aizome (Indigo)  / KA=Kakishibu (Persimmon)

Venerable 8th generation papermaker, Awagami Factory proudly launches a new creative collaboration between Japanese indigo artisan, Mieko Fujimori + American designer, Craig Anczelowitz. 16 contemporary art panels crafted with purely organic pulp and pigments locally sourced in Tokushima; An East-meets-West art collection steeped in tradition yet thoroughly modern.


BAMBOO FOREST Deeply rooted in Japanese culture, Bamboo has touched nearly every aspect of life here for centuries – these art panels follow in the storied tradition. The plants unique combination of strength and suppleness is celebrated in this work as bamboo elegantly stretches across a snow-like paper landscape

SHIFU Traditional Japanese paper string (shifu) lends its name to these works. Contrasting tones in a double-layered composition provide a wonderful depth in each piece. Because of subtle variations in organic pigment and handmade washi, each panel serves as a beautiful ode to nature and the Japanese craft tradition.

YANAGI’S surface waves gracefully in an elegant composition of texture & tone. Made by repeated folding and dip-dyeing in Tokushima’s famed indigo, each art panel is a singular creative expression of master artisan, Mieko Fujimori.

MOSAIC is crafted from extra thick hand-cast paper; a specialty of Awagami master papermakers and feature a dramatic interplay of organic and geometric forms resulting in compositions that are both visually and texturally impressive



Craig Anczelowitz (b. NY, NY 1966)

Since 1997, Craig has worked alongside master craftsmen in Italy, India, Thailand and Japan honing his creative skills. HIs award-winning home décor, toys and stationery designs may be found in many of the worlds’ best retail stores and curated boutiques.  Craig has served as guest design lecturer at Parsons and Pratt Schools of Design, NY School of Visual Arts and has more recently lead workshops in Thailand aimed at fostering young Thai design talent.

Mieko Fujimori (b. Tokushima, Japan 1951)

 Awagami Factory’s Mieko Fujimori has been carrying on the tradition of Tokushima indigo “aizome” natural dyeing for nearly 30 years having learned the skills from her mother-in-law, craftswomen Tsune Fujimori. Mieko-sans indigo washi papers have more and more become an integral part of Awagamis overall creative milieu and have recently been featured in articles for ANA airlines, Casa Brutus and NHK.