Charlotte Brisland


Throughout her career, Brisland has used the snapshot to record the landscapes she has lived in, often for months and years, yet sometimes they are made within a fraction of a second on a train or in a car. Fragments of these snapshots are collaged in the studio to retain an essential element of fiction. At once part of the displacement the Artist feels in the world, the spaces become overlapped by past and present. There is a sense of performative storytelling within the painterly description of the image as broad brushwork structures scenes that echo genres within the painting tradition and create a majestic tension that transcends the figurative content. A single building in space, lit from without and concealing what is within is no literal object in this work. What is hidden remains so; nothing and nobody emerges. The scenes promise human presence and permanently banishes it. Familiarity is omnipresent while the absence of so many possible elements is comparable to a stage, paused and vacant.

Charlotte Brisland graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2004 and has exhibited in London, New York, Japan, and Berlin.