Christine Kim

Christine Kim is a Toronto-based artist who works primarily in cut paper art, carving away the boundaries between illustration, sculpture, and installation. Her work has been included in Paper Play, Paradise of Paper Art and Alchemy: The Art and Craft of Illustration.

Paper constitutes the form and material of experimentation in the mixed media collages of Toronto-based artist Christine Kim. Paper is not only a surface for graphite, ink, and watercolours, but Kim explores the act of drawing by interrogating its materiality through drawing, painting, cutting and folding.

In these cut paper collages, Kim explores her fascination with fleeting shadows, permeable fences, and forest canopies. All act to reveal or obscure figures. Kim presents visual metaphors inspired by fashion and architecture to speak of the relationship between exterior surfaces and introspective landscapes. The paper is used as surface, screen, and shadow to speak of shelter and intimacy.