Chrysta Kay

Chrysta Kay is an emerging artist based in the Pacific Northwest, who has been growing and developing her creativity since childhood. Many members of Chrysta's family were skilled artists that encouraged her to express herself through painting, drawing, and sculpting. Her love of art only grew stronger as the years went on. After graduating college, Chrysta was accepted into a private art program in 2014. Chrysta gracefully declined the invitation and chose to carve her own creative path and build a career from scratch. Since then, Chrysta has had the ability to quit her day job and live solely from her art. Her work has been featured in several regional and national publications such as The Inlander and Energy Magazine. Additionally, Chrysta has had the pleasure of exhibiting her pieces locally as well as internationally. In the future, she hopes to exhibit and travel to more foreign countries, collaborate with other artists, and experiment with new mediums.


My work is heavily influenced by nature and how humans interact and connect with the natural world. Through the illustrations I create, I hope to convey the idea that we are all woven from the same fabric. The trees, plants, animals, humans – we are one entity and must treat one another with love and respect.

After years of experimenting with different mediums and developing a personal style, I have found a wonderful balance between traditional and digital illustration. First I begin by creating a drawing using materials such as graphite or ink. Then I scan the illustration into my computer. Using Photoshop, I color the piece to my liking. For me this gives the artwork a crisp finish, but maintains the rawness of a traditional medium.