Dan Ferrer

I was born in 80 in a tough neighborhood of Madrid, Spain.

When I was a kid, graffiti, skateboarding and comics filled my days. Because of these influences I dodged the bad habits and now I run my own creative studio and development my personal work.

I have had the opportunity to work on projects for major international advertising agencies (Leo Burnett, Ogilvy, BBDO,...). Also, I collaborate assiduously with urban art festivals and apart of my pieces in the street, I organize exhibitions of my mobile work (canvases and prints).

My art have been seen in cities like New York, Rome, Milan, London, Frankfurt, Madrid, Biarritz (France) or Durango (Mexico).

Currently I develop a style with which I seek the visual balance between realistic and studied resources, mixed with more improvised ones. As for the content of the works, I'm thinking a lot until I find an idea that really motivates me. With each work I want to express a powerful message, but that any person can feel as his, because they are feelings common in all people. I like to work with allegories, propose symbols, like fear, love, time, justice, and endow them with a graphic representation.

I like to think of my style as "Allegorical Jazz". "Allegorical" by the symbols I represent in images, and "Jazz" referring to a very technical style that can have much of improvised.