David Bellard

David Bellard is a Seattle-based artist working in film photography and video installation. His process involves shooting, cutting, and reconstructing slide film to create new celluloid compositions, which he then enlarges for large-scale prints.

"There is a beauty that comes from the unpredictability of growth, and growth in every environment has an energy that forces itself outward. I try to replicate this energy in the ‘Radiance’ series through the implied outward motion of the shapes and pieces bursting out with an organic imprecision. To make these compositions, I photograph an environment multiple times — for example, the photos I used to create Radiance 1 & 2 were shot in a desert from different angles and exposures. Each composition is comprised of three or four images that are combined to create a new portrait of the environment. When a composition is finished, I scan it at a resolution high enough to be printed large scale. The compositions preserve the artifacts of construction, like the glue, tape, dust, and overlapping pieces, and when enlarged they become a roadmap of the artistic process for the viewer."