Derick Smith

Born in New York, raised in Ireland, Derick Smith initially began a career in design before moving on to chemical photography which resulted in his first solo exhibition in New York (2006). Later, he began to experiment with sculpture and painting after graduating from the National College of Art and Design, Dublin (2012) and has since exhibited in national and international group exhibitions. He currently lives and works in Munich, Germany.


There are inherent limitations within any material, a defined set of boundaries regarding how it moves and acts and reacts against another material. Working with this physical vocabulary I seek to arrange these phrases in dynamic ways, to investigate a language of possibility by drawing form outwards rather than overlaying.

When successful, a form or image can be distinguished which pulls away from the paint. The chosen colours are used to arouse a sense of otherness, of something not evocative of advertising or branding, which is perhaps where such palettes are more widely employed. Such forms can absorb the attention for a moment before the illusion fades and the awareness of the physicality of the paint as an object draws the viewer back. It is this dialogue, this toggling back and forth between image and object, this momentary suspension or interruption, which is most readily pursued.

In essence it is an exploration into the possibility of ‘Pure Vision’. That is, a sight which in and of itself does not immediately resemble or reference a pre-existing object while is simultaneously not so far abstracted so as to seem unrecognizable.