Elizabeth Bergeland

Elizabeth Bergeland was born in the least-populous state of Wyoming in 1983 and raised in Denver, Colorado. Elizabeth received her BFA in painting alongside Anthropology from the University of Colorado in 2006. She worked as a designer in fashion, as well as editorial styling, and later shifted her career to producing art full time. Working primarily in oils, watercolor, and pencil, she currently lives and works in Philadelphia. She is the illustrator of Being Edie is Hard Today, her first children’s book with publisher Little, Brown is due out in 2019.


My work always seems to find its beginning and end at our one shared end (which is also possibly a beginning): death. The fact that this is the only shared experience every living thing will have constantly informs my work. The great theme that everything we are, and everything we make, can only exist for a moment at best, is such a hopeful and also sad truth! Equal/opposite ever-existing paradoxes that cause a near constant flux in our life template fascinate me: ever-changing perceptions of how we identify good or bad in our lives, finding when we are whole and when are when half, and the process of our beliefs and constructs being unraveled and then reconstructed. It seems our existence is always in a place where two completely opposite, but equally true statements can and do exist side by side. I love to pair real and unreal elements in my drawings and paintings. Lifelike renderings, paired with very flat illustrative or graphic imagery. Bright colors amid blank space.

Art for catharsis, man.