Ellie Ji Yang


Ellie Ji Yang is a Korean artist currently living and working in Brooklyn, NY.

She holds an MFA in Illustration from the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, and a BFA in Cartoon and Animation from Chosun University, South Korea. She is known for her cheerful and raw unfiltered drawings, and has been recognized for her work by the Society of Illustrators 60 , American Illustration 37, Nylon Korea, ITS NICE THAT, 3x3 Magazine and Creative Quarterly. Ellie’s work is heavily inspired by the innocence of childhood and the colors and intricacies of nature.

Ellie has showcased her work in numerous galleries, including The Museum of Illustration, Kenektid X Gallery, Grumpy Bert, Okay Space Gallery and Ouchi Gallery.


I began my works by imagining a setting where I would like to live and play. As a visual creator, I constantly search for vibrant colors and beauty found in nature. I am drawn to all things cheerful, peaceful, and whimsical. While creating these worlds, I imagine myself dwelling in them, which slowly fills me with a sense of relaxation and happiness.

Each work depicts a different atmosphere with various stories happening at once. I often begin working with line drawing as ideas emerge, focusing on composition and harmony all the while. I do not start with a specific plan. My images come to life and inform what will come next. I allow the drawings to react to one another on the surface and guide my process. This open approach is joyous for me and creates space for chance and discovery. 

By utilizing mixed media, I tried to express different imageries with freedom and diversity. I mostly used acrylic and gouache and finished the details with colored pencil. Mark-making plays an important role in my work. I believe it is one of the most essential elements in conveying visual and emotional texture. I also created some components digitally to avoid limiting myself to physical mediums.