Evgenia Medvedeva

I am a Russian-born and U.K.-based artist and womenswear designer. I started drawing a year ago when I moved to London to do the fashion course. Ever since, drawing has been a kind of a meditation to me. When I started, I would take a fine liner and draw numerous lines, just following my feelings and a current state of mind and body. Then, it naturally turned into my signature style, along with random watercolor blurs on photographs. I am inspired by vibes and energy exchanges I get throughout a day. If I like it, I translate it through doodling or acrylic ink, which I put on top of a picture that better resonates with a moment. What I really like about my work is tiny details, a contrast of colors, textures, shapes, and the somewhat tribal feeling that it gives. My works tell different stories and leave room for a viewer's interpretation. It's indirect, not obvious. I like it.