Art Miami Exhibitor Highlight: Galerie Forsblom

Booth AM117

December 4 –9, 2018

In its 29th edition, Art Miami maintains a preeminent position in America's modern and contemporary art fair market and is globally recognized as a primary destination for the acquisition of the most important works from the 20th and 21st centuries.

Interview with Katarina Siltavuori

Briefly tell us about your gallery and what type of art you specialize in.

Galerie Forsblom, founded by Kaj Forsblom in 1977, holds a unique position on the Nordic art scene as one of the largest and most international contemporary art galleries by bringing international established artists to its exhibition spaces in Helsinki and Stockholm. While the exhibition programs consist of a wide range of media within the visual arts, Galerie Forsblom is highly profiled as presenting excellence in contemporary painting as well as sculpture.

What can visitors expect from your booth this year and what specific works should they pay attention to?

Galerie Forsblom showcases both established American artists, such as Peter Halley, Jacob Hashimoto, and Keith Sonnier and young Finnish rising stars, Toni R. Toivonen and Reima Nevalainen.

Our booth presents a coherent synergy between playfulness and harmony – the booth is curated with a joyful spirit as Peter Halley’s bright-colored, neo-geometric conceptualist works juxtapose Jason Martin’s large-scale monochromatic sculptural paintings which consist of thick surfaces of oil or acrylic gel.

The booth prevails a lingering harmonic atmosphere with Jacob Hashimoto’s works, which combine Japanese handicraft tradition with Anglo-American minimalism, Stephan Balkenhol’s raw and spontaneous wood sculptures, and Bernar Venet’s dynamic steel sculptures and arches, playing with gravity and three-dimensionality.

What tips would you share with new art collectors or fair visitors?

Be curious and ambitious. Let passion be your guide and trust your instincts. Buying art can be fun – and don’t be afraid to go big!

Above image:

Jacob Hashimoto, Reaching Desperately for the Darkening Sky Through Geographies of Time and Season, 2018 Acrylic, paper, bamboo, wood and Dacron, 167.64h x 152.40w x 20.96d cm, 66hx60wx8.25din