Gina DeCagna

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Originally from the New York metro area, Gina DeCagna is a London-based cultural producer, creating interdisciplinary installations inspired by architecture, language and literature, semiotics, and philosophy to engage with time, space, and consciousness. Through research-driven methodologies and cultural investigations, she creates and curates cross-genre writing, intertextual media, and interdisciplinary publications or exhibitions in and beyond gallery spaces.  

She is pursuing her MFA at Goldsmiths, University of London and is a 2019 Venice Biennale Fellow under the British Council. DeCagna has shown in solo and group exhibitions in London, New York, Philadelphia, and forthcoming Venice. She studied English, Creative Writing and Fine Arts at the University of Pennsylvania, where she founded, edited, and directed a publication and community of over four hundred collaborating artists and writers known as Symbiosis (2012–2016).


Humble in construction, cardboard pleats yield an unexpected sense of architectural strength. The corrugation — its dips, folds, and contracted, undulating wrinkles in time — arouse a precarious sense of empowerment for the public citizen, enabling our usage to become the most commonplace consumerism within late capitalist society. On regular recycling collection days in London — and likewise in many metropolitan depos across the western world — one frequently encounters the neighbourhood’s accumulated cardboard stacks sprawled in bundles on curbs, bagged with other rubbish, or deposited within large metal cages ready for collection. Cardboard is the medium used by the disempowered, the homeless, and the suffering for fickle protection and shelter; historically, ‘shanty towns’ have disquieted us with the ramifications of gross income inequality. Have things changed so much today in the age of neoliberalism, or have the inequalities simply been made less visible due to the shuffling of waste? How much are we obscuring the excesses of our consumption? These installations demonstrate the capaciousness of waste.

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