Haein Jeong

Haein Jeong is a self-taught creative based in Seoul, South Korea. 

Haein is inspired by a vivid depiction of otherwise everyday objects or situations. Above all, ‘death’ is a core topic for her imagination and she focuses on projects with this theme. Haein’s work seeks to depict ‘the meaning of life and death’, based on her view that perhaps she should willingly accept death when she faces it, while also seizing the day, as we never know what tomorrow will be like. She often uses paradoxical methods on her drawings; for example, she reflects on death with bright colors and entertaining expressions and reflects on the pleasure of life with unfazed characters, thus reflecting the light and dark of life. 

Haein has developed a career as a freelance illustrator and currently works with a variety of clients, including Snapchat. In addition to her current style of digital painting, she also plans to expand into using other mediums to express the world of her imagination.