Heidi Nam

Born in Korea, Heidi Nam is a Philadelphia- based mixed media artist who draws inspiration from her tri-continental (Asia, America, and Europe), international living experiences to create diverse, culture-defying, interdisciplinary works. She has participated in both group and solo shows in major US cities and received numerous national awards. She earned her BFA from California College of the Arts and her MFA from University of Pennsylvania.


My work focuses on multi-faceted perception of places informed by both cultural and personal experience. This particular body of works explore the transient state of our rapidly transforming environment, constantly influenced by other cultures, especially urban, architectural structures and spaces. 

Repetition, variation and chance are the core principles of my work. I start working deconstructing the materials such as my painted or printmaking work of mine, drawing paper and copied materials. The notion of fragments from all different sources transferred, transplanted and transformed to a newly integrated piece is my on-going visual investigation. Printmaking and collage in weaving and tiling techniques are my major mediums uniquely specific to my intent to create the urban fabric. 

My goal is to demonstrate the urban language, specifically morphological state of the urban environment and the interplay between the organic process and the infinite variations of grid forms.