Paintings of Daily Life by Hiejin Yoo

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Los Angeles-based Hiejin Yoo’s (b. 1987) work will be exhibited at Half Gallery, NY; Paul Kasmin Gallery, NY; Fredric Snitzer Gallery, FL and she has exhibited at ltd Los Angeles, CA; Smart Objects, CA and Nicodim Gallery, CA. Her work is recently included in Hort Family Collection in New York.Yoo earned an M.F.A. at University of California Los Angeles (2018) and a B.A from Seoul Women’s University, and a Post Baccalaureate/B.F.A from School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

My paintings are an  intimate  journal  and  meditations  on  self-discovery.  They grow from journal entries and the world around me. I keep a brief diary of daily life, and it is  the  everyday,  mundane  things  that  inspire  me  most.  Each painting contains things that remind me of my personal experience and has a story that I want to tell, so I zoom in to the focal point and crop the parts that I don’t need. The traces of my memories show that I have enjoyed a remarkable life. I strive to make each of my paintings a reflection of my perception of the moment.  Since these ordinary moments  have  been  so  strongly etched  on  my  consciousness,  each  moment  of  my  life  becomes  an  event  and  a  personal history  as  soon  as  I  express  my  daily  life  as  a  painting.  The memories are  telling me something about what I remember in my life when I work and interact with them.

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