Eccentric Drawings and Textiles by Hilary Hubanks

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Hilary Hubanks is an Illustrator and Textile Artist who creates bright, eccentric drawings and textiles. Originally from the Midwest, she takes much of her inspiration from her open-minded upbringing and her close relationship to nature. She now lives and works in New York City, holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in Illustration from the Fashion Institute of Technology. The work she is currently producing in her studio focuses on extraterrestrial life and the impact it may have on humanity.


Growing up in rural Southern Wisconsin without any formal organized religion, I became interested in nature, fantasy, magical creatures, and the supernatural as a means of explaining the world around me. I would invent stories about fairies, monsters, ghosts, and aliens to explain why the world was the way it was. These stories became my own personal religion. As I got older and learned more about science and the universe, I began to imagine how the Earth and its inhabitants came to be, and what kind of aliens may have influenced our beginnings. This blossomed into an obsession with extraterrestrial life, including how it would look, behave, and think.

 Visions of Indigo is a body of work that explores my infatuation with outer space, extraterrestrial life, and the influence that aliens may have had on ancient cultures and the cultivation of human society. After experiencing Machu Picchu in 2015 and seeing the ruins there I was convinced that ancient people had in fact interacted with these beings long ago, and felt it was my calling to create art based on what that alien culture might look like if we found remnants of it today. Created using collaged paper on wood panels, I arranged the pieces in Visions of Indigo to look like a shrine, acting as devotional art to this fabricated alien culture.  

Aesthetically, Visions of Indigo has a maximalist look, combining many different colors, textures, and patterns into each piece. This reflects my background in print design and my love of mixing different patterns in my apparel work and my own wardrobe. The mixed media aesthetic also reflects my cultural inspirations. I have studied ancient tribal art to help gain an understanding of how these societies that could have interacted with a possible alien race. I have implemented a combination of visual aspects from these cultures including color palettes, figure shapes, ornamentation, and symbols to create a culture that is all my own.

 Bringing my fascination with aliens and outer space to life through Visions of Indigo has been a difficult but rewarding process, and acts as a finale to the fantastical stories that I began creating more than a decade ago. It has given me a stronger idea of who I am, what I value, and has opened a portal to the kind of art that I want to create well into the future.

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