Jack Rowland

Through his hyper real and high key chromatic oil paintings, Jack Rowland aims to alter our perception of the natural world and invite us to re-discover our familiar landscapes. Taking a realist approach using surreal colour schemes, he transforms images of the familiar landscapes into paintings of an unfamiliar, dreamlike, or even alien environment. Through this method of representation, Rowland aims to offer an alternative way of viewing the natural world.

Rowland depicts nature as the unknowable and unpredictable, demonstrating that it is a giving force that harnesses all life, as well as being a powerful force that we must respect and surrender to. Simultaneously, through the lense of psychedelia, Rowland’s works reflect the ways in which a change in psyche and an altered perception can influence one’s interpretation of their environment, and even lead them to psychologically experiencing different realms. He therefore creates a contrasting dynamic amongst his own paintings, employing saturated and vibrant colours to celebrate the natural world as Utopia in some of his works, while applying eerie colour schemes to others to suggest nature’s unforgiving forces and a dark interpretation of one’s psychological landscape.

Rowland’s new body of work “SuperNatural” draws inspiration from his recent journey through some of the National Parks of North America. Prompted by a celestial pilgrimage to witness a total solar eclipse, Rowland ventured both inward and outward through the magical landscapes of the natural world and his mind. These paintings illustrate a section of this journey through Yosemite National Park and Zion National Park.