Jasmin Cañas

Jasmin Cañas is a self-taught visual artist from the Mission District of San Francisco, California. Working with a full spectrum of color and iridescent acrylic paints, she captures and depicts images, inspired by her vibrant neighborhood, colorful family, and inspirational travels. In 2014, Jasmin was commissioned to paint a large heart sculpture for the San Francisco General Hospital’s “Heroes and Hearts” foundation. This sculpture was later displayed in the AT&T ballpark, in San Francisco’s Union Square, and the image was printed on limited edition Ghirardelli chocolate boxes. In 2016, she exhibited her collection “Matanzas”, inspired by her trip to Cuba, in a privately owned gallery in San Francisco. In late 2017, Jasmin displayed her work in the group exhibition, “Housing”, which was held at the offices of Senator Scott Wiener. Jasmin continues to reside in San Francisco, and is passionate about furthering her education and artist career.


Through my paintings, I strive to capture and interpret the beautiful struggle that is the world I live in. Often referencing Latino cultures and the neighborhood I grew up in, my work documents the good, and the bad, of the broad spectrum of what I call home. My collections of work have depicted subjects such as gentrification, community, spirituality, and family. I work with vibrant colors and iridescent acrylic paints in order to honor and record the spirit and reality of the subjects I chose to paint. Living by the motto of “stop and see the beautiful”, has evolved my work in recent years. This way of thinking has opened my creative eyes to praising the beauty that resides around me, while acknowledging the ugliness that balances our existence.