Storytelling Through Painting by Jazmin Donaldson

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Jazmin Donaldson

Jazmin lives and works in London and recently graduated from the MFA Program at the Slade School of Fine Art. Recent exhibitions include The Field, ASC Gallery London, Wells Art Contemporary, Wells, Distant Heres, The Stone Space, London and Cartoons and Cereal, Offshoot Gallery, London.


In my work I explore the idea of storytelling with painting. The stories initiate from an autobiographical point of view and then take their own form by adding fantastical elements. I am interested in the intersection between memories and fantasy. My work is influenced by the world of fairy tales and myths where I re-use already known motifs in order to tell contemporary stories and concerns. I am specifically interested in women’s role in society and change over time, how we perceive that role and what feminism means today.

I am interested in the creation of each one of the characters of the stories and what they each represent. Elements that I am interested in exploring through different imagery are themes of identity, transformation, the absurd, the nonsense and the role reversal. All of them have in common the disruption of meaning or multiple meanings, which, in the end is part of an always shifting language that I am searching for. 

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