Jemma Lock

Hi, my name is Jemma Lock and I recently graduated from Loughborough University in fine art. A combination of unconventional techniques is used to create a hybridisation of traditional and contemporary art styles. My concept is fuelled by dramatisation, in an aim to re-characterise individual women. These models may be holy, honorary, or worshipped individuals who have been made apparent to society through the work of other artists, such as Giorgione’s Sleeping Venus. However, in my recreations they are placed in scenarios that allow them to be socially reachable and touchable in modern society. 

Incorporating different mediums in my work, oil paints, neon lighting, and glitter makes an overwhelming experience for the viewer. The use of phallic and vulva symbolisation entices the spectator to look past the composition of oils, and search for the reasoning and understanding behind the artist’s thought. This series of work, features Venus - the goddess of love, sex and fertility accommodating a Playboy vajazzle. Eve, the first woman to exist in primeval history was depicted to have a drinking problem. Madonna, the loving mother with bleached roots and chipped nail polish. This concept plays on the notion of camouflage; you become distracted by the surrounding and not on the figure itself, taking an infamous figure and hiding it in modern life.