Joey Brock 

Joey Brock is a mixed-media visual artist whose work is anchored in abstract expressionism influenced by urban and natural landscapes, street art, and graphic, minimalist forms. He was born in Texas and raised in Colorado, receiving an Associate of Applied Arts degree in Fashion Merchandising. 

Inspired by the events of daily life, he creates a playful narrative reflecting his perceptions, emotions or annoyances represented with a touch of sarcasm. Despite the work being abstract in form and autobiographical in nature, his narratives remain relatable to many. These musings are realized by the way the paintings are assembled and referenced by their titles. The paintings do not necessarily resemble the narratives figuratively but serve more as references to the thoughts through color or composition. Brock’s spontaneous brush strokes, line drawing, mark making, and photographic images are the foundations of his work. His process combines various media, creating textural surfaces juxtaposed with a translucent, ethereal quality. The layering in his paintings pushes the boundaries of the materials while deliberately hiding some elements and revealing others. The choice to stitch the surfaces together with cotton thread was deliberate but also architecturally necessary due to the translucent nature of the materials. Brock’s methodology for graphic construction and use of negative space gives his work objectivity and a sense of floating in the frame. His work encompasses a beautiful sensibility, Japanese elegance and sense of placement.