Karen Navarro

Karen Navarro is an Argentinian photographer. She was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she studied Fashion Design at the University of Buenos Aires. After studying fashion design, Navarro relocated to Texas and studied at the Houston Center for Photography. She now combines her interests in fashion and photography through highly stylized images that she often views as self-portraits using models.

She says that photography is a medium for her where she can create worlds. "I do not want to accept the world as it is. And in this obstinate attitude of mine is the unity and concord of my opposing souls. That's why I redo it with my fantasy.

My work is an examination of the inner world that occurs in the minds of different female personalities. I create surreal scenes through the use of color theory and minimalist details.

Many times the individual is shown in the quiet scenery, evoking a state of introspection. My photography allows the expression of self-referential questions and constantly seeks connection with the viewer. It is a way of questioning the attitudes, imposed norms and unwritten rules that have formed us in society as a woman and our behavior within it."

These portraits belong to a series called Deconstruction. This series calls in to question the idealization of women, showing how we reconstruct ourselves based on what we have learned and what has been imposed upon us. According to Navarro, the perfect world is only an idea and here she shows both perfection and the uncertain.