Katie Lochhead

Katie Lochhead is a second year MFA candidate at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE), focusing on drawing and performance art. Katie was a recipient of SIUE's Competitive Graduate Award in 2015 and has shown in several galleries in the St. Louis area, including Central Studio and the Cathy Gregory Gallery. She received the Laumeier Sculpture Award from juror and UMSL 210 Gallery Director Terry Suhre in the 2017 SIUE Annual Student Juried Exhibition Show. Katie resides in the greater St. Louis area.


My drawings, made with graphite underlinings and ink on paper, reference imagery that the viewer would relate to as being “accurate” or “truthful,” such as botanical illustration or illuminated manuscripts. Because this type of source material is typically used to communicate science, hard facts, or respected literature, hopefully, the viewer is willing to trust it and thereby enter into the image. In the series, “A Brief History of Complex and Delicate Situations,” I also utilize personal traumatic narrative or contemporary concerns, whether by text or additional drawn elements. Some of these narratives belong to me and others come from an author/authors that I intentionally do not reveal, as to give myself and potential other authors more mobility through this ambiguity. By pairing the framework of botanical illustration imagery and traumatic narrative, I mean to provoke questions regarding what we believe to be true and why or how we come think so. If the viewer trusts that what they are seeing is really a dissected dandelion, but the dandelion is paired with a text narrative concerning common substance abuse, the viewer must ask himself or herself if the common substance abuse is also real and what the relationship between the two might be.

“The Illuminated Manuscript of Alternative Facts” series takes the respected world of illuminated manuscripts from the medieval monastic community and early 19th century artists and designers such as William Morris and submerges our contemporary conversation regarding alternative facts and climate change into it. These pieces consider the influence of context the methods by which we are given information and how it colors what we believe.