Katrina Canedo

Katrina Canedo was born and raised in Cebu, Philippines until immigrating in 1998 with her family to Toronto, Canada. The passion and decision to pursue a career as an artist have been with her for as long as she can remember. Eventually, she attended Seneca College for the Independent Illustration program where she honed her skills in both digital and traditional disciplines. As an emerging Toronto artist, she has displayed her works in multiple local exhibits around Toronto. Mainly an acrylic painter, she’s also performed as a live painter, winning multiple “Art Battles” and competing in the 2016 Toronto finals. Katrina hopes to see the rest of the world and be able to share her work with people around the globe some day.


I suppose you can say I generally portray themes of nature and people (their lives and emotions) to explore the subtle yet evident ways they can often relate to each other. The idea that sometimes it's difficult to express your true self or even relate to the world around you has always been a source of motivation in my art. I’ve always admired how fearlessly expressive surrealism and expressionism can be. Even a concept that seems so visually far out there has the ability to have a very profound yet unconventional observation on life. It's also even better when your audience can resonate with your art. My aim is to inspire people with values that are near and dear to me. Essentially, I’m all about reminding people to have fun and seeing the deeper beauty hidden in everything.