Kelly Crabtree

I'm Kelly Crabtree from Jacksonville, Florida. When I'm not painting, you can find me at the beach, gym, or local coffee shop. By day I'm a public school art teacher and by night I'm an MFA of Visual Arts student at Jacksonville University. I've always been drawn to old, weathered buildings. They have a story, a life all their own. There’s much to be found in places of destruction and far more beauty in the rubble than we assume. With destruction, there is growth. With growth, there is renewal. This is essentially our beautiful cycle we call life. 

This is The Destruction Series

The work’s key element is the human response to trauma. Inspired by the natural disasters that have affected much of the Florida coastline, the trauma caused by these events has been devastating. The work focuses on creating a contrast between pure destruction and underlying hope. I want the viewer to decide if they see they devastation or if they see the possibility for a new start.