Ken Goshen

Ken Goshen earned his BFA in Fine Arts with a minor in Printmaking from Parsons School of Design (NYC). Goshen was born in 1988 in Jerusalem, Israel. In his teens he studied art at various institutions in Israel and in New York, such as Charles A. Smith Jerusalem High School for the Arts and LaGuardia High School for the Arts, followed by three years of service in a highly classified IDF unit demanding a variety of artistic skills. He is also a graduate of the three-year Master Class classical painting program at Hatahana Studio for Figurative Drawing and Painting (Tel Aviv).

My work explores the role of representational art objects in an era of digital image ecstasy by highlighting the function of subjectivity in perceptions of the “real.” By bringing together traditional techniques with contemporary outlooks, I strive for my work to embody both the weight of nostalgia and an exhilaration of the unexplored.

This recent body of work, titled “Good Times Strange Times”, is my attempt to engage, express, and explore memories from my time serving in the Israeli Defense Forces. What captures me most when reflecting on those years is a sharp contrast between two opposing experiences: the somber reality of a nation in conflict and a seemingly inevitable ambient of youthful play. Israelis are mandated to join the military directly after high school, giving rise to a schizophrenic coexistence: the adolescent mentality must hastily adapt to incorporate mortal stakes and consequences. This results in an unstable hybrid of youth and maturity, full of charming imperfections. This project is inspired by moments when the child can be seen through the cracks in the soldier veneer, casting a dream-like spell on their everyday concrete surroundings.