KiiK Create

Manoela Madera and Gray Edgerton met on their first day of sculpture class at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn NY in 2003. They began drawing and painting alongside one another and exploring the city together. By 2014 their collaborations evolved into a multi-disciplinary arts, graphics, and lifestyle studio dedicated to enlivening their surroundings with energetic vibrations of form and color. They discovered that by working collaboratively they could express a vision that was greater than the sum of its individual parts. Thus KiiK Create was born.

KiiK Create generates brightly colored, dynamic, abstract compositions centering on the themes of portals, cycles, transformation, duality, and parallel universes. Exploring new mediums and ways to color the world has led them to expand their range of output, taking on projects that push their creativity beyond a canvas mounted on a wall.

KiiK Create has participated in fine art exhibitions worldwide and painted murals for public art organizations, street art festivals, private residences, restaurants, and helicopter hangars. They’ve designed graphics for apparel, textiles for fabrics and upholstery. KiiK Create has also designed and built furniture and customized all types of objects from surfboards to grand pianos. They have collaborated with interior designers, surf companies, fashion brands, landscape architects, furniture makers, and other artists. They built and launched their online design store in 2015, offering pillows, phone cases, tote bags, and tapestries.

While staying true to painting, the foundation of their creative endeavors and inspirations, and continuing to take part in fine art exhibitions, KiiK Create strives to incorporate their visions of color energy into as many different facets and surroundings as possible.

"We love co-creating, with each other and the universe. We share this process through KiiK Create."


"Enter the Vortex"

Feel yourself transported to an alternate universe, a space between realms, where colors and patterns shift and collide to activate your perception.

"Enter the Vortex" is firsthand look inside a KiiK Create color-saturated portal installation. KiiK Create’s vibrant abstract geometric mural transforms the space into an immersive installation where the power of color and pattern can be seen and felt as a visceral physical force.

"We create these works to be uplifting and transformative. We want them to activate their surroundings and become attractors that radiate instant energy. We see them as gateways to transport the viewer beyond the everyday”. KiiK Create’s exploration of space through color uses geometry and vivid colors to generate captivating visual designs meant to signify higher vibrational energies.