Laura Kaktina

I’m a Latvian artist, born and living in Riga, Latvia. I have been fortunate enough to see a good amount of different countries and cultures, therefore my art is always inspired by exotic and bright locations, yet still stays faithfully in love with the pastel colors of my homeland. 

I feel that atmosphere reveals itself with a combination of certain ingredients – may it be a specific color, texture, detail, or proportion. These elements consolidated create distinguished feelings within us. With these mini-universe illustrations I attempt to break down the ingredients of an ambience, withdrawing them from the whole much like a chemist is trying to detect the elements of a substance. I divide a feeling in two, yet simultaneously looking at both mini-universes floating apart in empty space (the color of the sheet of paper I have chosen) creates a wholesome impression. 

I create larger paintings daily, but the miniature illustrations are a way to spur up my creativity and loosen up the often serious and well-considered approach I have towards larger scale canvases. I call this play-day sketching and it has become an integral part of my artistic endeavours. I am less afraid to make mistakes on a small piece of paper (20 x 20 cm) and this generates a more playful and ethereal result.