Lee Nowell-Wilson


Lee Nowell-Wilson is a figurative artist, living and working in Baltimore, MD. Through large scale drawings, paintings and installations, Nowell-Wilson’s work explores weight, movement and maternal elements within the wrestling interaction of human relationship. Her work incorporates humor and universal benign experiences as a way to grapple with the formless, occasionally incoherent navigation of daily life; to reveal the unseen weight of motherhood, or the incalculable rhythm of marriage through layers of both defined representation and abstracted, indistinct mark making.

Nowell-Wilson earned her BFA in Painting from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2011. She has participated in artist residencies in Annapolis, MD and Lyon, France. Her work has exhibited in New York City, Italy, Baltimore and France, and she has completed murals + urban art pieces in Norway, France, Northern Ireland and Chile. In 2018, she was featured in Maker’s Magazine, Bmore Art online, and the online blog “Both Mother and Artist”, showcasing and discussing her work created since giving birth to her daughter. Most recently, Nowell-Wilson was invited to speak about the “Maternal Creative Instinct”, on an artist panel hosted by Hamiltonian Gallery in D.C.