Leslie Graff

Leslie Graff holds Bachelors and Masters degrees from Brigham Young University. While Leslie explores a variety of series, her acrylic paintings are unified by a shared theme-- the complexity of human experience. Her work explores identity, relationships, connection, influence, and specifically the intangibles of thought and emotion. She is fascinated by personal narratives, interactions within a culture, and the intimacy of the mind. Her work has been exhibited in shows across the country, including recent solo exhibits at the Danforth Art Museum, ArtsWorcester and Lawrence Academy. Her work is frequently displayed in museums, universities, and galleries and is held in many private collections. Her work has been featured in books, magazines, and blogs including a profile on Forbes.com, Boston Globe, and Worcester Magazine. She lives in Sutton, MA with her husband and three sons.

My Just Desserts series uses homemade baked goods, as an object through which to explore personal experience and provide social commentary. To create this series, each cake or pie is made from scratch, staged, photographed, and then painted, often using midcentury domestic artifacts. While these foods may appear sentimental, appealing, or comforting, the titles invite engagement on a deeper metaphorical level. In drawing parallels with human experience, the works explore deeper issues ranging from body image, time/resource allocation, gender inequity/opportunity disparity, post-modern viewpoints, and identity. My work is influenced by mid-century lifestyle illustration and pop art.