Leslie M.W. Graff

My Domestic Series explores the ongoing evolution of feminism and domestic life, and the complicated space of cultural conceptions regarding women’s power, voice, sexuality, and roles. Employing clean, discrete use of paint, it presents highly complicated subjects, in a simplified way. Drawing on the stylings of pop art and hyper-idealized midcentury lifestyle illustration, it recalls previous decades, evoking contemplation of past vs. present perceptions of women. I incorporate “domestic artifacts”, household objects from various decades, into the settings to blur the historical context of the scene creating tension and ambiguity. My figurative work, forces anonymity of the figure allows space for multiple interpretations and to see the figure as a type. I deliberately crop the figures to focus on the action and metaphor of the piece. Each piece is titled with a phrase alluding to a secondary metaphor within the work. 

Leslie M.W. Graff holds Bachelors and Masters degrees from Brigham Young University. While Leslie explores a variety of series, her acrylic paintings are unified by a shared theme - the complexity of human experience. It focuses on identity, relationships, connection, influence, and specifically the intangibles of thought and emotion. She is fascinated by personal narratives, individual interactions within culture, and the intimacy of the mind. Her work has been exhibited in group and solo shows across the country, including 9 art museums and is held in many private collections. Her work has been featured in books, magazines, and blogs including a profile on Forbes.com, Boston Globe, and Worcester Magazine. Leslie has taught creative arts in California, Utah, Massachusetts, and Virginia and lectures frequently. She lives in Sutton, MA with her family.