Provocative, NSFW Paintings by Philadelphia Artist Lily Brown

Lily Brown, graduated from Tyler School of Art in 2015 with a BFA in Painting and Drawing. Since graduation she has continued to live and work in Philadelphia. Themes of innocence, vulgarity, aggression, vulnerability, humor, and their interplay are present in her work. Brown believes these sensibilities inform her decision making process and shape her experience of the world. Using photography and collage to assemble a pleasing composition, Brown gravitates towards images that strongly express those emotions.

Lily’s paintings and drawings become a documentation or diary of her ideas. Drawings tending to be a more direct examination of a specific moment or emotion in time, while her oil paintings offer more complexity. A large amount of time goes into each one, each session holding a different feeling or outlook on the given subject. Because of that Brown’s oil paintings are tackling one idea from a multitude of different emotional states and viewpoints, making a dynamic and and sometimes conflicting end result.