Linda Colletta

Linda Colletta has been creating art in various mediums for over 20 years, and first translated her passion for art into a career as a scenic painter in the television industry before dedicating herself full-time to a painting career. She currently defines her artistic approach as an abstract expressionist painter, creating colorful and uplifting works for designers and individual collectors.

Linda’s work explores moments in time and the spaces in-between. Working in acrylics and oil pastels, the work is an immersion into color, composition and abstraction, and a collaboration between exploration and intention. The unpredictability of drips, washes, and scribbles evoke a feeling of freedom and unapologetic happiness, while definite brush strokes and color palettes create a mood and the movement in each piece.

Linda’s greatest influences include her parents who were also painters, as well as Modigliani, Jackson Pollack, Gerard Richter, Helen Frankenthaler, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Georgia O’Keefe.

Linda studied at Parsons School of Design and works from her studio at The AmFab Arts building in Bridgeport, CT.


I used to be very concerned with making art that “meant” something, that said something about the world that was utterly unique and important. This concern consumed me; in fact, it stopped me from painting for almost 15 years. Then one day it hit me, the “thing” that I wanted to say, the meaning that meant the most to me, that was always there but I was afraid to say it as if it wasn’t important enough … beauty. I like to create beauty and I’ve come to embrace the belief that this world could never have enough added to it, in fact now, I can’t think of anything more important.

I am dedicated to the practice of processed based abstract expressionism.

Using color as my muse, I explore textures, patterns and layers mimicked both in nature and urban decay in a variety of mediums - acrylics, oil sticks, pastels, graphite, and ink.

I am interested in the alchemy of layering, where two unrelated ideas , when connected, become something else entirely, and likewise, when pieces are removed and a new story is revealed, one that only time could tell.

I am exploring the signature energy and unpredictability of movement expressed through purposefully thoughtless strokes and gestures.

In this face-paced split-second world, I am interested in slowing you down, drawing you in, compelling you to look closer and linger longer to find some perspective in the smaller pieces that make up the bigger picture and some peace in the quieter moments of the work.