Lindsey Carr at Antler Gallery


Lindsey Carr is a fine art painter from Glasgow, Scotland who has refined an unmistakable style over the last decade incorporating motifs and stylistic choices from traditional naturalist painting fused with her own contemporary concepts.

This show represents gallery works created during a period of exploration and experimentation, a series which includes watercolor, oil paintings and charcoal works. Carr’s three circular paintings incorporate some familiar elements from previous series, in particular the watecrolor painting “Singerie”, while also adding abstraction in the form of her melting flower pieces which are inspired by 17th century Dutch botanical still lives.

Over the last couple of years Carr has been heavily involved with assisting people displaced by the refugee crisis in Europe, holding online auctions of artwork donated by her colleagues and acquiring caravans which artists decorated for refugee families in Calais. This activism has filtered through into her charcoal works which focus on humans living in elemental conditions.

Lindsey Carr and Antler Gallery are donating 20% of all sales from charcoal drawings to the artist run charity Refugee Rescue.