Three Dimensional Sculpture by Ling-lin Ku


Ling-lin receive her MFA from University of Texas at Austin in 2019 and BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2016. In addition to being an artist Ling-lin has a background in music and law. She has a degree in Law at Taiwan. Ling-lin has been exhibited her work in cities ranging from New York, to Austin and LA, and selected into residencies including International Studio and Curatorial Program (ISCP) in Brooklyn and Haystack Open Studio, Maine. In 2019 Ling-lin is one of the four recipients of Seebacher Prize for Fine Arts awarded by the American Austrian Foundation. 


Double life, double play. My work is animistic and uncanny in the same time. I grew up in a culture that celebrates animism; influenced by the Dao belief that every object has a kind of unseen life and energy. Yet In the process of coming into life, uncanny things happen. While combining an enlarged egg-shaped dome with rigid, black raven legs, a narrative of death and birth appears. The tensions and nuance between strange and familiar create an eeriness.

By playing with the expectations of context and collaging parts into hybrids, I create objects that beyond our conventional understandings of the physical world, where seemingly familiar things can have alternate identities. Employing digital scanning and modeling is a way to jump into my own three-dimensional rabbit hole where I can precisely distort recognizable forms to re-assign their identities through hybridizing, recomposing, altering materials and hyperbolic scale shifts.