Lori Hyland 

Lori Hyland is an abstract painter who has lived her entire life in Los Angeles. She took her undergraduate degree at the University of Southern California and then attended Pratt Institute and School of Visual Arts in New York. Additionally, she studied with Koho Sensei in traditional Japanese Sumi-e and Tom Wudl. Lori's work has been shown in galleries in Europe and the U.S.


I have always been fascinated by two important concepts: visual meaning and transformation. Painting is very satisfying as every canvas brings new and unexpected relationships. I may start out with a very particular vision or meaning in mind but other forces bring me to an altogether different place. It is this element that draws me into abstract art rather then the representational form, offering endless fascination with the revelations that take place. 

Ironically, I worked primarily with the human figure. I was never entirely satisfied with this method of creative expression and began to explore abstraction going after the reality that reflects my true spirit. One may think abstract art is totally undisciplined but to the contrary, it has a truly classical framework and find it necessary to explore all options within a classical framework as one would in a work of music of the classical genre. 

My work is a deep reflection of my inner life. The creative process is deeply intuitive with no evading Its’ intensity causing me to reveal myself in ways that I do not understand on an intellectual level. What we are expressing as artists is the universal language of life. Replicated infinite times in infinite forms we can only grab a small piece as manifested in our dreams and reveries; unformed but "playful" in mind and art. 

I work in several media, principally oil on canvas often on air-brushed canvases that are virtually complete in themselves bringing an extra layer of color and meaning to my work. Occasionally I grind my own pigments of semi-precious gem-stones and find it to be the real, sensual and pliable in creating my compositions. In itself, this preparation becomes a meditative practice and draws me closer to breathe and creating life. 

Painting then becomes a matter of discovery and investigation as well as destruction. At every moment a new vision takes place and the old one destroyed; it becomes something – a metaphor for life itself. 

Much of my work is constructed by small grids of color placed closely together to refract colors of the natural world. In working this way I am able to convey pictorially that which would otherwise be unavailable to me. The colors and structures by themselves have little significance but placed in the whole reveal several levels of symbolism leading to a meaningful oneness. These grids develop into symbols and gestures that reflect my physical, spiritual and emotional state that on a subconscious level tell a story that I may not realize until the work completes itself. 

My latest work is based on permutations of words that provide building blocks; and advantage in which to take the word out of its literal meaning and furthering its possibilities into other realms not inherent in the word itself. 

I do not sign my work with a signature itself but use what I call a “color-bar.” It is a series of colors taken from the visible light spectrum with each one unique and different and coded to a data-base providing me with all the information I need about the work. 

Undeniably, there is a magical quality of transformation. My paintings then become adventures of the soul, representing real meaning in life, recorded and expressed not in thought, words nor intellect but of spirit; the true avatar. 

Lori Hyland 

Beverly Hills, California - 2016