Lucilla Bellini

Lucilla Bellini is an italian born photographer, collages artist and Art-director.

Graduated in Visual Anthropology and Cinema in Florence, she specialized in fashion photography, focusing her interest on the female portrait, poetic, emotional and strongly cinematic.

She travelled through Europe and Asia and lived in Italy, France and Spain, acquiring an eclectic and multicultural vision of the world that is reflected in her way of telling stories through any medium of photography, analog, instant or digital.

Her work is characterized by the strong imaginative component  and the sophisticated use of color. She doesn’t just describe things in a plain way but with altered colors and doubled images, she drives reality to be open to different interpretations.

The body of her work always takes the form of hypotheses, scattered at various levels of being and it overcomes the tension between what “has been” and that what “is”, crossing into a new dimension that of what “could be”.

The admiration for Art drives her artworks to be declined in different forms that surpass the photographic medium for going towards the creation of hand-made mixed-media collages where, the analysis of the female figure, portrayed by her or cutted from fashion magazines, outlines the conceptual basis of her artistic work on the fragility and transience of beauty.

Currently she lives between Florence, Italy and Tenerife, Spain, where she matches her artistic projects and exhibitions, with photography and Art-direction.