Lynn Rybicki

Lynn Rybicki was born in Chicago, Illinois and has lived in Baltimore for most of her life. She studied painting at the Maryland Institute College of Art and has been painting and showing her work for over 20 years in the mid-Atlantic region and beyond. Her work is included in numerous private collections and in the Maryland Artist Collection of the University of Maryland University College. Lynn holds a B.S. in Music Education from Towson University, where she performed a multi-media voice recital, combining her vocal skills with her poetry and paintings. More images and information can be found at 

Recent events include: selection by esteemed artist/writer, Robert Berlind, for the 7th National Juried Exhibition at Prince Street Gallery in NYC, January-February 2015; “Navigation Puzzle,” juried show in 2014 at Delaware Center for Contemporary Arts, Wilmington, DE, selected by Bridgette Mayer, Owner, Bridgette Mayer Gallery, Philadelphia, PA; “It’s Abstract,” 2014 exhibition season, BlackRock Center for the Arts, Germantown, MD; MD Art @ College Park,” National juried group show in 2014, juried by Ann Shafer, Associate Curator of Prints, Drawings, & Photographs, Baltimore Museum of Art, at The Art Gallery, University of Maryland College Park Campus; 2014 Featured Artist, Saatchi Gallery Online, UK, Originals Art Collection Under $1500. Curated by Rebecca Wilson, Chief Curator and Director, Artist Development, Saatchi Art Director, Saatchi Gallery; 2012 solo exhibition, “Cosmic Manifesto," in Goucher College's Rosenberg Gallery, Baltimore, MD.


To the farthest reaches of the cosmos, light lives, life breathes, souls soar, and colors roar. From this dance, an ocean of feeling springs. In my work, I seek to express these unspeakable things. And always, to uplift. 

I paint to communicate the exuberance and joy of being alive in this space-time continuum. I paint to uplift people, and to persuade them to consider the depth of what lies beneath the surface of life. 

Often, I use bright, clear colors in my work. Much as they did for a renowned artist, Kandinsky, these colors remind me of the beautiful stained glass windows found in the churches of my childhood, and of the brightly colored Christmas tree lights. For me, joyful colors awaken the spirit and lead it on the path to the aesthetic experience of bliss. 

In order to communicate the more cosmic side of life, I choose to paint abstractly. That way, the visual assemblage of forms on the canvas cannot be easily pigeonholed as the objects and narratives of everyday life. 

My visual language includes abstracted landscapes and natural forms. For me, the landscape is the holy sanctuary of the earth. It is wild, and free, and elemental, much like the nature of man. 

My paintings begin with washes of thinned-out acrylic paint applied to the canvas in broad strokes of several colors that fade and bleed into one another and may drip down the canvas. As the washes dry, things in the shapes and tones reveal themselves to me, suggesting possible directions for the piece. From that point on, the process becomes a dialogue between me and the painting, with the painting telling me what it wants me to do next. 

The drips that have become more and more a part of my paintings sometimes serve as water and landscape elements and sometimes serve as veils and mists, behind which the unknown is taking place. 

For me, painting is a passionate, physical, gestural dance, culminating in a visual idea designed to engage the emotions of the viewer. 

I will leave you with a quote that is attributed to Buddha: “Your work is to discover your work, and then, with all your heart, to give yourself to it."

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