Marisa Veerman


Marisa Veerman is a photographic and textile fine artist based in Brisbane, Australia. Having forged her career as a textile visual merchandiser in fabric boutiques, Marisa sculpted endless fashion and theatrical pieces on mannequins with pins and fabric alone.

She is an emerging face in the art world and is currently broadening her artistic career through photographic art works that are embellished with fine embroidery and beading and strokes of wax varnish.

Raw honesty rests deeply in Marisa’s work. Peaceful melancholy pairs with a beauty that transcends time and place.

Harnessing delicate femininity, her works explore childhood innocence, fragility and emotion. This vulnerability is juxtaposed against an abundant strength.

Marisa has also worked on several other photographic projects and events creating commissioned fine art portraiture.


The ‘Florence’ series is an exploration of stillness, calmness and quiet in a person.

Florence also exudes an air of gloriousness and resplendence.

Time is taken to observe and listen. 

To see and to notice. 

To sympathise and empathise.

From a place of quiet, it is easy to see the rich inner worlds of others

Brushes of time, flowers and thread are used to tell these stories.